What is CryptoCurrency AirDrop and how do you use it?


AirDrop is the free distribution of cryptocurrency tokens among users. Airdrop literally means dropping aid packages from the top of an aircraft. The word in the world of cryptocurrencies is to get digital tokens for free. You can sometimes get bitcoin or other digital currencies as gifts on airdrops.




AirDrop is a kind of distribution of tokens or digital currency and Crypto Currency that is deposited in users’ wallets for free. The purpose of doing this is primarily advertising because you are rewarded for things like: viewing ads, subscribing to an Instagram page or Telegram channel, and so on. You will receive these tokens or free digital currencies. This will get more people to do it. Of course, never make the mistake of saying that this is a scam because we explained in the previous section that AirDrop is a well-known method. Currency developers can drive more users to their network by launching an AirDrop campaign, and this will gain a lot of fans.

In other words, Airdrop is introduced as a stunt in the world of digital currencies, during which tokens are sent to wallets. This sending is aimed at introducing and raising people’s awareness about that currency or token. It is a marketing method used by startups in the world of digital currencies. In AirDrop, traders deposit tokens into their wallets, which can be for free or in exchange for advertising, which in fact aims to raise awareness in It is a case of a digital currency project and attracting more people’s attention. Air Drop is generally advertised on the website of the relevant company or digital currency groups, and the tokens are sent only to people who have a bitcoin or Atrium digital wallet. Include AirDrop recipients Sometimes it is necessary to keep some digital currency in their wallet. Sometimes it has been seen that people need to advertise the currency on social media. Note that most AirDrops are usually Atrium tokens. This section refers to ethereum wallets.


Airdrops can be both good and fraudulent. In any case, the project and its goals need to be considered. Drop is just ads. Consider sending scam bitcoins or atriums to anonymous addresses to be included in AirDrop to be considered scams. Always be on the lookout for such scams in the digital currency market.

In fact, AirDrop is an attempt to differentiate between competitors. Essential for the success of a digital advertising value or some form of marketing. If currency is not widely used among people, it certainly can not survive in the world of digital currencies. Therefore, to achieve this goal, advertising and marketing must be done among the people. However, experts still warn about airdrops. From them, with the aim of deceiving the people, they increase the value of the isdrop in the form of a bubble and then empty it after attracting people, and thus the value of the token reaches zero and the people’s capital is lost.



1. What is crypto currency AirDrop ?
AirDrop in the crypto currency business is a marketing ploy in which, in order to promote of a new digital currency, some coins or tokens are sent to different people’s wallets. In other words, a small amount of a new digital currency is sent to the digital wallet of active members of a Chinese blockchain community or association for free or in exchange for a small service – a small service, such as retweeting a post by The company that issued this new currency has been sent to you.


2. What is the purpose of AirDrop?
AirDrop is a promotional activity typically done by blockchain-based startups to help establish a virtual currency in the market. The purpose of AirDrop is to raise public awareness of a new cryptocurrency project and persuade more people to trade with it – when the cryptocurrency is placed on the list of exchanges in Kevin’s initial public offering.

Airdrops are usually advertised on the company’s website, as well as in currency code forums or forums, and coins or tokens (as AirDrop) are awarded only to current holders of digital wallets, usually Bitcoin or Atrium holders.

To be eligible for this free gift, you must have at least a certain amount of currency code in your wallet. In addition, as mentioned, companies may ask you to do a special service for them in exchange for a free currency code; For example, post on a social media forum about this digital currency, connect with a specific member of the China Blockchain project, or write about this currency code.

Important Note: Airdrops are not always good, and there are bad airdrops – watch out for bad designs and scams.

An AirDrop is the legal and correct currency never looking to invest in this currency. AirDrop is for advertising purposes only. On the other hand, some currency cryptocurrencies send small amounts of bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies to an uninformed victim so that they can access his wallet during a duster attack. Users should always be very careful about viewing unwanted deposits in their digital wallet.


3. Advantages and disadvantages of AirDrop Currency Password
Given the fierce competition among cryptocurrency market startups, using the AirDrop strategy is a good effort to stand out and show off to the audience. Some cryptocurrency companies offer ads to users and a list of services to startups, as well as a range of marketing services to fine-tune AirDrop. As always, there are good and bad businesses in this area.

Michael J. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology: “If one Currency password is not widely used, ie it does not exist. And this goal cannot be achieved unless people, through some costly endeavors, encourage customers to make extensive use of this currency code.

However, there are warnings about currency cryptocurrencies about some fraudulent practices in the industry. For example, Pierre Rochard, founder of Bitcoin Consulting, warns in a tweet that some cryptocurrency overdrafts may be fraudulent; Thus, some cryptocurrency owners may want to artificially increase the value of their currency cryptocurrency in order to make a profit faster.

“Beware of seemingly generous scams like this: 1. Take these tokens to yourself and your friends before extracting them,” Richard said in the tweet. To increase the price of tokens, trade them before mining. Trap personal and micro investors by donating these tokens. Do not pay attention to the people who give you the good news of the token

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