What is CryptoCurrency or Digital currency


Bitcoin, ethereum, Ripple and… are among the most important cryptocurrencies in the market, about which various news are heard these days. It gets wetter.

In this article, we want to refer to a definition of this currency.

Digital currency or Cryptocurrency is a form of electronic money. Most digital currencies are designed for greater security, elimination of intermediaries and anonymity.


Digital currencies are currencies that use cryptography to transmit over the Internet, digital currency cryptocurrencies are non-hackable and traceable.

Cryptography was first used in World War II to convey military messages and commands. In the digital age, mathematics and computer science have been used to secure communications, information, and money transfers.

Bitcoin was the first digital currency to be created in 2009 and is now the king of the digital currency world. In the last few years, many digital currencies have been introduced and introduced. About 900 digital currencies are currently traded in global markets.



How do digital currencies work?

Digital currencies use decentralized technology, allowing users to securely pay and save money without having to register or use banks or intermediaries. Most digital currencies run on a distributed database called the China Blockchain. Most major digital currency units (except tokens) are generated by a process called mining.

Bitcoin: Bitcoin is the first and most popular digital currency. Bitcoin was introduced in 2009 by an anonymous person (or individuals) named Satoshi Nakamoto. The total value of the Bitcoin market is now over $ 70 billion.


Why are digital currencies so popular?
Digital currencies are made for security and anonymity. Fraud has no place in digital currency transactions. No one owns them and no one can stop or hack them. They are decentralized and eliminate intermediaries. one way to get cryptocurrency is to participate in AirDrop.


Use of digital currencies does not require registration or documents. The extraction process is possible for everyone and everyone can earn money from it.

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