Get free bitcoins by faucet method

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Get free bitcoins by faucet method or Paid To Logins!

faucet method is one of the best ways to earn money from Bitcoin, but it requires a lot of patience. Drop sites or faucets work by giving you some bitcoins for your activities at certain intervals.

Activity on these faucet sites is by claiming or resolving the captcha code. You must have come across sites in your internet browsing that ask you to click on the “I am not a robot” option to get a free download or upload code, or go to another page and have to see and reject that page. This is exactly the method used by faucet sites. If you can introduce people to your faucet sites as a subset of them, you will get a small amount of bitcoin every time you click on them.

In this way, if you do not follow all aspects of caution, there is a high risk. You may be caught by scammers or scams. Cybercriminals design sites and, just like the operation of faucet sites, ask you to click on options or see the next page or participate in the site lottery; But after doing these activities, not only will you not get bitcoins, but they may also make a big financial loss by gaining access to your personal information. Bitcoin deposit is also possible in this way in two ways.

The first method is that bitcoins are transferred directly to your deposit wallet.
The second method is that the site first deposits the bitcoin into the personal account of the intermediary, and after the bitcoin amount reaches the minimum ceiling, you can request the deposit of bitcoin to your wallet.

But there is another way about CryptoCurrency faucet sites that can be more profitable for you. If you take the time to launch your fast site, you can earn more bitcoins through ads and earn up to $ 1,000 a month. This requires more effort because you need to be familiar with all the ins and outs of site management.

The following sites are the most popular Faucet and Paid To Login site for free bitcoin acquisition through the claim option:

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